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Digital Authentication of Documents

Essential to Combatting Global Counterfeiting

(Below is the executive summary of the new DSA white paper regarding Digital Authentication of Documents, if you would like to read the full article please visit


People and high value manufactured products move across borders very quickly in the present day. This increased freedom of movement brings with it increased opportunities for transnational criminal organizations. Among the most profitable and lowest risk criminal enterprises are the counterfeiting of manufactured products and the counterfeiting of identity documents.

Manufacturers routinely use digital authentication to protect their branded products and to reduce the risk of counterfeited component parts. The complimentary investment in digital security features adds protection to object authentication. Government security and law enforcement agencies are increasing deployment of digital authentication to reduce imposter risk to public safety, but the pace needs to accelerate in order to reduce the time cost to travelers. While many foreign governments employ digital authentication of identity documents, our own

federal agencies nearly always continue to rely on the human eye.

International travel and commerce, domestic public safety, and highway safety all depend on reliable identity verification. Pilot deployments by the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) of identity document authentication via digital devices, combined with biometric comparisons, are in their early stages. If these prove cost effective and expedite traveler screening, the business case will be made for use of digital authentication enhanced by biometric identity technologies. This will demonstrate a clear value proposition in that decreasing traveler screening costs and travel delays through digital authentication will save money without compromising security. Digital authentication can also be deployed for rail travelers without slowing travel.

This paper offers support that digital authentication will more reliably and more rapidly validate today’s physical driver’s licenses, passports and other secure identity documents than reliance on the capabilities of human eye and touch.


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