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Dave NewDavid Wicker, VP of Research and Development

David Wicker has more than 25 years of experience in document security, identification systems security and fraud detection; with numerous patents in his name to prove it.

An internationally recognized expert, David serves as the Vice President of Research and Development for Document Security Systems.

Mr. Wicker is experienced in product awareness and the development of solutions for clients’ documents, identification credentials and brand packaging needs.

As a member of the Wicker Group from 1989 to 1998, he was involved in security print technology licensing and the implementation of security print technology to document printers in several countries.

He has also developed many trade techniques to provide printer-friendly secure technologies, implemented through on-site technical training for press operators.

In the early nineties, David also created and introduced a new type of “safety paper” to several hundred paper distributors worldwide.

David is a Board member of the Document Security Alliance (DSA)- a not-for-profit organization with active members from government, private industry and academia. They are focused on improving document security and related security document procedures at all levels of government and industry to enhance national and international security. David is also a member of the DSA Key Issues Committee.

Lastly, David is also an advisory board member of two college organizations. The first is CIMIP, The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection at Utica College. And the second is the MCC Criminal Justice advisory committee.

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